We are seeking
accountable talent

At AIRS Medical, top-notch talents with the field's greatest capabilities and passion work autonomously but responsibly based on mutual trust.


It's all about the way we work. And it's only completed when you put it into practice form your own place.

Let’s get to the bottom of the problem and find the shortest path!

Break through head-on without avoiding a variety of issues. Find the most efficient way to solve problems with confidence.

Let’s dig the well I chose to the end and dig it one more time!

Once you’ve started, you have the tenacity to cling to the end and dig in. Intention with deep immersion entails responsibility.

Let’s be the best in the field of choice, irreplaceable that we can trust and entrust.

If you feel comfortable today, let’s try something new!

We’re not complacent now and we keep trying new things. Be courageous about active challenges. Make today’s potential tomorrow’s ability.

Draw a bigger trajectory today than yesterday.

Let’s acknowledge the one who dedicated oneself to everyone’s victory

When an unexpected problem occurs, we step up and solve it together, even if it’s not my job. I remember that work for the other person brings me the best results.

Help each other, acknowledge each other, and reach the highest peak together.

Let’s be extremely honest and transparent to everyone

Communicate and share all truths to the fullest extent possible. Give and receive honest feedback that helps each other through the unadulterated truth.

Earn each other’s trust based on honesty.

Culture @AIRS Medical


At AIRS, we aim for a collaborative working environment based on mutual respect.

We will not sit idly by slandering, criticizing, threatening, annoying, humiliating, bullying, or deliberately obstructing someone. Please do not harm the precious working environment that we have been cultivating. Also, we prohibit discrimination due to age, gender, race, religion, disability, etc.

The above is not a complete list in itself, but rather a direction, and please act based on personal common sense.


At AIRS, we pursue horizontal communication.

Of course we have titles based on roles, but we don't call one by their titles, but call by their names with respect, regardless of age/gender/role.

However, if a position where requires titles for smooth communication with external officials, R&D personnel use researchers or engineers, and non-development personnel use managers.


At AIRS, we value others' time as if it's one's own. Please keep an hour's appointment with outside officials no matter what. Please let me know in advance if you need to coordinate!

  • If you're given a task without a deadline, please regard it 'ASAP'. If it's challenging to share the results today, please share the estimated deadline before people asking!
  • In the case of task that you lead, we recommend sharing the approximate timeline with the people involved. If something isn't going as expected, raise your hand and let us know if there's a problem!


Once you join AIRS, you will join four tools we use: Slack, Notion, flex, and MS Office 365. These four are the company's standard collaboration tools. We recommend you install a mobile app, so that you can check it on the go.

If your team needs certain tools, you'll be informed accordingly.

You can find more information on how AIRS work, AIRS Crew,
or job openings at AIRS's Notion page.

Frequently Asked Questions

It Document screening → Job interview → Cultural synthesis interview→ Reputation Lookup → Final interview → negotiation → joining the company.

The above recruitment process is a basic recruitment process, and we are hiring in various processes considering the characteristics of each position.