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Boost MRI Revenue without Compromising Quality

* Registered under Act 737, MDA Reg. No. GB3605423-133302
** Professional use only

* For investigational purposes in countries outside of the United States, South Korea, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. FDA 510(k)-cleared to support images with scan time reduction by up to 50% in the United States.

Graph showing a 37% increase in MRI scan volume at GK Medical after implementing SwiftMR technology, highlighting enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Faster scans.
improved quality.
higher revenue.

SwiftMR™ is a deep learning solution that enables MRI scan time reduction, enhancing patient comfort without sacrificing image quality. The solution enables radiology centers to achieve new levels of productivity and efficiency, as shorter scan times increases patient throughput- unlocking opportunities for revenue and growth.

Revive Your Legacy Scanners*

Are your MRI machines are nearing retirement? Hold on before spending millions. SwiftMR™ seamlessly integrates with any existing MRI machine- no software or hardware upgrades required.

As a third-party solution, SwiftMR™ works on any vendor, age or model, allowing older machines to experience exceptional image quality and faster scans.

* Supported MRI manufacturer may vary by country

How SwiftMR™ Works

Our team will optimize MRI protocols to accelerate scans, initially producing faster yet low-quality images. SwiftMR™’s deep learning model is then employed to enhance the accelerated scans, effectively transforming them into high-quality images.

Standard of Care MRI scan showcasing typical image quality and resolution.
Accelerated MRI scan displaying increased noise and reduced resolution.
Enhanced MRI image processed by SwiftMR, showing higher resolution and lower noise than the standard scan.

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The workflow and tasks have remained the same for our MRI technicians, but the scan time reduction is so impactful they now find themselves ahead of schedule – they’re waiting for patients instead of patients waiting for them.

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Justin Kolakoski
MRI Technician at Naugatuck Valley Radiology

We’re already seeing an average time-savings of roughly 35% for the five 3T sites, including a 20 minute time-savings for full body scans.

Daryl Eber, M.D.
Founder of 3T Radiology & Research

We see a noticeable improvement in image quality and less incidents of patient motion on the images. The time saving and improvement in image quality has brought our old MRI magnet back to life.

Timothy M. Cotter, M.D.
Radiologist, GK Medical Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing between k-space based and DICOM-based image construction depends on the imaging facility’s needs, available expertise, and the desired balance between image quality, flexibility, and ease of use. K-space based reconstruction requires significant computational resources to generate high-quality images, while DICOM-based reconstruction suits standard clinical practice, prioritizing ease of use, standardization, and workflow integration.

SwiftMR™ offers both an AWS-based cloud solution and an on-premise solution. We generally recommend the cloud version because it allows us to address issues quickly and provide convenient updates. Many of our customers also prefer the cloud version as it enables them to benefit from our latest upgrades and updates. However, if connecting to an external network is problematic due to your institution’s information security policy, the on-premise version is a viable alternative.

*Note: The availability of the on-premise solution may vary by country.

For simple 2D scans, processing takes just a few seconds. For more complex 3D scans, it typically takes around a minute. However, processing time is usually dependent on the institution’s internet speed. On average, all reconstructed images are returned within 90 seconds.

Yes, SwiftMR™ is compatible with scanners from different manufacturers as long as they support the DICOM format. Our solution processes images using the DICOM protocol.

*Note: Supported MR devices may vary depending on regulatory clearance in each region.

Yes, SwiftMR™ is designed to enhance the performance of older MRI machines, even those that are 25-30 years old. Many of our customers with older MR equipment have reported excellent results and are very satisfied with the solution.

Yes, SwiftMR™ can be used exclusively to improve image quality without reducing scan time. Some of our customers choose to use the solution specifically for this purpose, achieving enhanced image clarity and detail while maintaining their existing scan durations.

Customer Success Manager visits the site for installation, which is carried out over a total of two days: (1) gateway PC installation and SwiftMR protocol setting on the first day; (2) user training and monitoring on the second day.

Gateway PC will be provided by customer success manager to each site.

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