Case Studies

Increasing MRI Efficiency & Bottom Line

In just two months, 3T Radiology & Research increased scan volume by 42%, generated an additional $205,567, and accommodated 30% more patients each day.

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Naugatuck Valley Radiology

Radiologist at NVR found that SwiftMR’s image quality was on-par or better than their conventional scans. Had they not been told about the integration, radiologists might not have noticed that their scans were enhanced post-processing, essentially allowing NVR to achieve better results in less time.

The technological leap from SwiftMR™ enabled the GK team to reduce scan times significantly, enhancing throughput and providing much-needed scheduling flexibility. As a result, GK Medical could accommodate more patients, including urgent cases, effectively streamlining operations and enhancing patient care.


We’re already seeing an average time-savings of roughly 35% for the five 3T sites, including a 20 minute time-savings for full body scans.

Daryl Eber, M.D.
Co-Founder of 3T Radiology & Research

From a financial standpoint, the return on investment has been fantastic. SwiftMR has allowed us to increase our margins significantly with reduced hours and more scans per day.

Humberto Carrion
Co-Founder of 3T Radiology & Research

SwiftMR has enabled an increase of daily exam capacity by 35%. Our radiologists and referring physicians have found the SwiftMR images to be of superior quality which exceeds that of our site protocols.

Casey Green
Chief Technologist at Stand Up MRI of Brevard

We were extremely impressed with the implementation speed from the AIRS team. There was no disruptions to our workflow or schedules. We saw the benefits within 24 hours after installation.

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Chris Beaulieu
Operations Director at Naugatuck Valley Radiology

SwiftMR created more flexibility in our MRI technician workflow by freeing up time for paperwork, patient prep, fitting in an unplanned scan, or even taking a break. We’re scanning more patients, but it’s a smoother process.

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Justin Kolakoski
MRI Technologist at Naugatuck Valley Radiology

SwiftMR™ is great for patients! I had a patient who dreaded getting his brain MRI done but he was ecstatic after I told him that it is now only half the time from his usual MRI.

Christianna V.
MRI Technologist at 3T imaging of Morton Grove

As promised, the set up was quick and painless. Scan time was reduced by roughly 35~40%. Images are very good and the smoothness can be adjusted to the readers liking.

Richard Kim, M.D.
CEO at GK Medical Management

We see a noticeable improvement in image quality and less incidents of patient motion on the images. The time saving and improvement in image quality has brought our old MRI magnet back to life.

Timothy M. Cotter, M.D.
Radiologist at GK Medical Management