AIRS Medical Secures PMDA Certification for Flagship Offering, SwiftMR™

Radiology centers throughout Japan can now benefit from SwiftMR™, the breakthrough artificial intelligence (AI)-powered magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) enhancement solution from AIRS Medical. Here’s everything you need to know.

SwiftMR™ deemed safe and effective

The Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA), an administrative agency responsible for ensuring medical devices such as MRI scanners are safe for use, gave SwiftMR™ its stamp of approval. In achieving PMDA certification, SwiftMR™ has satisfied the most stringent regulatory requirements in Japan.

AIRS Medical furthers its global reach

With PMDA certification secured, SwiftMR™ can now be found in 14 countries including Japan, the United States, Singapore, Australia, and Brazil. To date, the MRI reconstruction technology has been applied to over 900,000 scans across more than 250 institutions.


Hyeseong Lee, CEO of AIRS Medical, reflected on the importance of the Japanese market:


“Japan holds strategic importance as a target market, due to its expansive market size and the diversity of MRI scanners. We have strong confidence in SwiftMR™’s potential for success in the Japanese market, driven by its vendor-neutral attributes and the convenience of installation.”


– Hyeseong Lee, CEO

Scan better, faster

SwiftMR™ uses deep learning technology to generate clearer images and reduce scan times by as much as 50%. Because it requires no upfront hardware or software upgrades, many facilities have achieved rapid ROI.


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