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Embracing AI in Medical Imaging: How SwiftMR™ Benefits All Stakeholders

By Tom Greenhalgh, Marketing Manager at AIRS Medical USA


It’s hard to ignore the influence of artificial intelligence (AI). The fact of the matter is, many people are concerned about it — for instance, according to a study commissioned by the European Consumer Organization, 64% of respondents across Belgium, Italy, Portugal, and Spain believe companies are using AI to manipulate consumers.

Although skepticism is warranted in certain contexts, such as the misuse of AI in voice cloning scams, it’s important to also recognize the positive applications of AI. Notably, companies like AIRS Medical are leveraging deep learning technology to make a positive impact in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

In this blog, we’ll explore AI in healthcare, tackle common unfounded fears, and showcase why AI is a force for good in the world of diagnostic imaging.

AI in healthcare: Applications & benefits

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming virtually every industry, and healthcare is no exception. This transformation brings several key benefits:

  • AI handles repetitive and tedious tasks that consume significant time
  • AI enables practitioners to focus on more complex and critical aspects of patient care
  • AI streamlines workflows to increase efficiency across clinical settings
  • AI improves diagnostic accuracy, ensuring patients receive appropriate and timely treatment
  • AI contributes to better patient outcomes by analyzing complex medical data

AI in Healthcare - Applications & Benefits

Here are a few examples where AI is making a big splash:

  • Administrative tasks: AI-powered systems can manage scheduling, billing, and patient data, reducing the administrative burden on staff and minimizing the risk of human error.
  • Routine diagnostics: AI can analyze routine lab results and scans to quickly identify areas of concern and flag them for review by medical professionals.
  • Inventory management: AI systems can track medical supplies and predict inventory needs, ensuring that hospitals and clinics are always properly stocked.

AI in MRI: How SwiftMR™ is transforming diagnostic imaging

AI is reaching all areas of healthcare, including diagnostic imaging. Notably, AIRS Medical developed SwiftMR™ to expedite scans and enhance image quality.

Recently approved by CE MDR, SwiftMR™ is compatible with legacy and cutting-edge scanners alike. This is a critical benefit for radiology centers that rely on older, lower field strength MRs — SwiftMR™ extends the life of existing equipment and helps imaging centers generate additional revenue without the massive costs associated with hardware and software upgrades.

Not to be overlooked, SwiftMR™ promotes sustainability, helping radiology centers reduce their electronic waste and avoid the disposal of large medical devices.

SwiftMR - How It works

SwiftMR™ out in the world

AI for MRI isn’t just nice in theory — it really works. SwiftMR™ is trusted by over 300 institutions worldwide, including:

3T Radiology & Research, a United States based radiology center that teamed up with AIRS Medical in late 2023. In two months, 3T increased scan volume by 42% and generated upwards of $200,000 in additional revenue.

“From a financial standpoint, the return on investment has been fantastic. SwiftMR™ has
allowed us to increase our margins significantly with reduced hours and more scans per day.”
– Humberto Carrion, Co-founder at 3T Radiology & Research

Read SwiftMR Case Study at 3T Radiology & Research

Starvision, a radiological practice network in Germany, which experienced a 43% reduction in scan times across the top five anatomies at its sites.

“In just three days, we were able to implement AIRS Medical’s SwiftMR™ AI Solution
on six scanners and achieve impressive results.”  – Starvision on LinkedIn

Busting common myths about AI in diagnostic imaging

AI has become a fixture in MRI, but misconceptions about its safety and efficacy nonetheless linger. These misunderstandings generally center around AI’s capabilities and the intent behind its application.

Data privacy

Data privacy is paramount in healthcare, and SwiftMR™ ensures every patient’s data remains secure. Patient data never leaves the scanning facility’s firewall and all processing is done in a secure environment. Advanced encryption techniques keep patient information safe. The AI is compliant with GDPR and patient information can only be accessed by authorized personnel.


Concerns about fairness are natural when it comes to any emerging technology. However, because protocols are standardized and zero in on anatomical and physiological features of the body, these worries are unfounded. SwiftMR™’s algorithms are tested on diverse datasets to ensure equitable performance across all patients. Collaborations with research institutions further improve the accuracy and fairness of these models.

Job security

Fears about AI eliminating jobs may have merit in some fields, but MRI isn’t one of them. In fact, it enhances work conditions across the board:

  • Radiologists, with higher-quality images to read, have an easier time diagnosing patients (not to mention less strain on the eyes).
  • Technologists, with quicker scans, have time to handle paperwork and take breaks without staying late.
  • Operations managers, with greater patient throughput, generate additional revenue without paying significant upfront costs for new equipment.

Big takeaway

The integration of AI in healthcare — particularly in MRI — should be embraced, not feared. AI-driven advancements like SwiftMR™ are paving the way by drastically improving the speed and quality of images. Ultimately, this leads to better patient outcomes and more efficient workflows.

If you’re looking for a way to scan more patients and generate additional revenue for your radiology center, look no further than AIRS Medical. Contact us today to learn more.

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