A New Level of Efficiency, Unlocked with SwiftMR™

Transforming MRI Efficiency 


Like many in the imaging market struggling with patient backlogs and stretched schedules, GK Medical sought a way to improve efficiency of their MRI scanners to meet the rising patient demand without compromising image quality or overburdening staff. After careful consideration of vendor and third-party software options, GK choose to integrate SwiftMR™ into their MRI systems in 2023. GK manages several multi-modality imaging centers in Chicagoland that feature both 1.5T and 3T magnets, including Siemens Espres, Siemens Skyra, GE 450W, Siemens Aera, and Siemens Trio. The integration of SwifMR™ marked the beginning of a transformation for GK Medical.


Timothy Cotter, M.D., Radiologist and MRI director for GK Medical, observed remarkable improvements shortly after the software’s installation. Dr. Cotter noted, The AI solution from SwiftMR™ has allowed us to improve image quality across all platforms while accelerating scan times.” This technological leap enabled the GK team to reduce scan times significantly, enhancing throughput and providing much-needed scheduling flexibility. As a result, GK Medical could accommodate more patients, including urgent cases, effectively streamlining operations and enhancing patient care.



A Third-Party AI Solution to Postprocessing, Across all MRI Platforms

As vendors release their newest software, it’s often only available on their latest MRI platforms, and previous generation scanners must wait several years to update scanning capability. In some cases, older scanners do not have upgrade capabilities.

SwiftMR™ provides these scanners with AI capabilities that would otherwise be unattainable, allowing any scanner to unlock new levels of efficiency. “SwiftMR™ has been an effective, cost-conscious investment for our imaging centers. We have seen similar improvements in scan times and imaging quality across our various MRI platforms, irrespective of scanner age” explained Dr. Cotter.


Enhancing The Patient Experience 

The benefits of shorter scan times extend beyond operational efficiency. Shorter scans directly reduce the anxiety and discomfort patients often experience during lengthy MRI procedures, minimizing the likelihood of patient movement that can compromise image quality and necessitate repeat scans.

Dr. Cotter highlighted this benefit, stating, Our radiologists have been very pleased with the improved image quality, and patients have been very grateful for the faster scan times that result in less motion and improved patient tolerance.


About GK Medical 

GK Medical is a medical management company that manages outpatient imaging centers in Illinois, committed to enhancing patient care quality. By collaborating with a diverse range of healthcare professionals, GK Medical addresses the unique needs of its patients.

AIRS Medical and GK Medical are excited to continue elevating MRI processes for patients and clinicians. For more information, email [email protected]