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Upgrade your MRI

Imagine how your scanner could evolve

*The claim concerning SwiftMR is based on investigational results and case studies.
Results in other cases may vary.

How it works

Combining MR physics and deep learning to enhance MRI scans​


Standard Scan


Accelerated Scan

Seamless workflow

SwiftMR™ is a standalone solution, sits in between MRI Scanner and PACS.
Once we've done installation, you don't have to add additional click on your routine workflow.

Since SwiftMR™ operates on the DICOM protocol, it allows vendor neutral and does not require any hardware or software upgrades for your scanner.


*Supported MR devices may vary depending
on regulatory clearance in each region.

No hardware upgrade needed

Proven Reliability

We love to speak with numbers –not just because we award big, but also we don't need to think of subtle way to describe our performance.

fastMRI Challenge 2020

Quantitative evaluation

Structural Similarity Index Measure (SSIM) with the gold standard
(Higher score is better)

Qualitative evaluation

Blind tested with US radiologists

(Lower score is better)

And people love the best, wherever they are.

SwiftMR™ as of Sep. 2023

Install base l Installation booked

11 Countries, 267 Hospitals, 837,259 Scans

Including cases for clinical research use only

FDA 510(k)-cleared

KOREA MFDS approved

  • Class B approved by the Vietnam Ministry of Health
  • Class C approved by the Indonesia Ministry of Health
  • Approved by Hong Kong MDD as Class II
  • Approved by Malaysia MDA as Class B
  • Notified to Brazil ANVISA as Class II
  • Notified to Philippines FDA as Class B
  • Cleared by UAE MOHAP as Medical Device
  • Approved by Singapore HSA as Class B
  • Approved by Saudi Arabia SFDA as Class B
  • Approved by Thailand TFDA as Class 2
  • Included in the ARTG entry by Australian TGA as Class IIa

*The range of body parts and pulse sequences supported
by SwiftMR can vary for each country depending on its regulatory status. 

*SwiftMR’s future availability in other regions cannot be guaranteed. 
  Any updates in future regulatory status will be available on our website.


SwiftMR™ Coverage

SwiftMR™ is available for the following applications.*

*Regional availability is subject to regulatory clearance.
**Supported sequence by each manufacturer may differ.

Scan time reduction

Facts and figures, courtesy of Burteam Hospital, Republic of Korea​

MRI Exams per month

Results may vary depending on conditions/circumstances.

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You might want to ask...

SwiftMR™ only works within the acceptable range of changing parameters supported by the original scanner. Reducing time does not strain the equipment, but rather spending less time when taking the same number of scans.

SwiftMR™ was also developed as a stand-alone system that could not affect any modification of software or hardware.


K-Space is important factor for image reconstruction, but not the only factor which determines image quality. When it comes to AI enhancement solution, you have to count deep-learning model, algorithm, amount of dataset and also the quality of raw image source. SwiftMR™ is proven by fastMRI challenge for comprehensive performance of AI-based image reconstruction.​


SwiftMR™ provides both an AWS-based cloud solution and an on-premise solution. Generally, we suggest opting for the cloud version as it enables us to promptly address issues and facilitates convenient updates. However, if connecting to the external network poses challenges due to the institution’s information security policy, the on-premise version remains available as an alternative choice.

*The availability of the on-premise solution may vary depending on the country.


SwiftMR™ works upon DICOM protocol, so yes, as long as your scanner supports DICOM format then SwiftMR™ can process those images. 

* However, supported MR devices may vary depending on regulatory clearance in each region.


For simple 2D scans it takes few seconds, and for 3D scans it takes around a minute. 


The decision is yours to make, as there is a trade-off between scan time and image quality. You can either reduce the time and compensate the image quality, or maintain the time and enhance the image quality even further.


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