AIRS Medical Accelerates Global Expansion with MRI AI Solution SwiftMR™ Supply Contracts in Germany and the UK


SEOUL, South KoreaApril 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — AIRS Medical Inc., a leading provider of AI-powered healthcare solutions, recently announced that it has signed supply contracts in Germany and the UK. Following these contracts, the company plans to expedite its overseas market penetration and solidify its presence in European markets.

Working alongside it’s partner in Germany, Med AI Solutions GmbH, AIRS Medical has signed a contract to supply SwiftMR™, an AI-powered MRI enhancement solution, to RNZ (Radiologisch-Nuklearmedizinscehs Zentrum), a multi-chain imaging center with 7 clinics in Germany.

According to AIRS Medical, “RNZ proceeded to sign the final contract with high satisfaction after experiencing firsthand the improvement in image quality and increased productivity due to reduced scan times of over 10-year-old MRI scanner during the demo period.” In particular, the company explained that the versatility of SwiftMR™, which can be used on various types of MRI scanner models as a standalone solution, played a significant role in securing the contract.

Additionally, SwiftMR™ supply contracts have been signed with Medserena, a multi-chain imaging center specializing in mid-field MRI in Germany and the UK.

Medserena is a multi-chain imaging center specializing in mid-field MRI for special patients in seven regions in Germany and the UK. An AIRS Medical representative stated, “Through the introduction of SwiftMR™, we addressed the issue of long scan times and led to increased customer satisfaction with improved image quality, a key strength of SwiftMR™.” As such, the company explained SwiftMR™ has a strong product power that attracts attention in the global market.

Hyeseong Lee, CEO of AIRS Medical stated, “All of these contracts are the result of customers experiencing SwiftMR™ firsthand through the demo period. We believe the most effective way to convince customers is to let them experience the various benefits of SwiftMR™ themselves.” He expressed strong confidence in the product, stating, “Once customers try our products, they won’t be able to go back before.”

Based on these paid contracts, AIRS Medical plans to aggressively introduce SwiftMR™ in the Germany and the UK markets. AIRS Medical will showcase its flagship software solution SwiftMR™ at the German Radiology Congress “RÖKO 2024” in Wiesbaden. See booth #Süd 06 in RheinMain CongressCenter(RMCC) May 8-10.


About AIRS Medical, Inc.

AIRS Medical is a leading healthcare AI company that envisions patient-friendly healthcare by transforming the inefficiencies in the medical industry through innovative technology, enabling more people to access healthcare when needed. AIRS Medical offers SwiftMR™, an AI-Powered MRI Reconstruction solution. It is also working on an AI-Powered Venipuncture automation solution to be released soon. Visit to learn more.


Published by : PRNewswire (SOURCE AIRS Medical Inc.)