AIRS Medical Wins ‘FastMRI Challenge’ Hosted by Facebook AI Research & NYU Langone Health

Finding ways to expedite scans has been at the forefront of the research community since the invention of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Today’s scanners, powerful as they may be, still require patients to avoid movement for lengthy periods of time.

AIRS Medical is transforming the patient experience with artificial intelligence (AI). SwiftMR™ reduces scan times by as much as 50% and the technology behind it is recognized as the quickest and most diagnostically useful in the business.

Here’s everything you need to know about the FastMRI Challenge.

Inside the Competition

The fastMRI Challenge is a global competition on speed and efficacy in MRI. Hosted by Facebook AI Research and NYU Langone Health, participants from around the world aimed to accelerate MRI scans of the brain.

Submissions were evaluated quantitatively and qualitatively. They were first analyzed by Structural Similarity Index Measure (SSIM). Subsequently, a team of radiologists reviewed scans for clinical value. 

AIRS Medical Sweeps the Awards

AIRS Medical finished first in all categories — multi-coil 4x, multi-coil 8x, and transfer. AIRS also posted the best SSIM scores in the four most common sequences and was rated highest by radiology professionals at Mayo Clinic, Stanford University, and other renowned medical institutions.

“The demand for diagnostic imaging including MRI scans never stops growing as healthcare systems in both developed and developing countries tend to put more weight on prevention and early diagnosis of diseases,” noted Lee Jin-gu, CEO of AIRS Medical.

“It is also true that MRI is a difficult market for new players because of its high technology barriers to entry. The fact that a Korean startup won in a competition dealing with medical imaging technology, traditionally a field where just a few developed countries used to dominate, shows AIRS Medical’s competency in the global market.”

“Also, AIRS was ranked top in the qualitative evaluation by radiologists, our potential customers, which is really meaningful for us. We are very confident and excited to launch our very first AI-augmented solution next year,” he added.

Following the competition, leadership presented its accomplishments at the Medical Imaging Meets NeurIPS (Neural Information Processing Systems) Workshop, an international meeting on machine learning.

Unlock AI for MRI

Winning the fastMRI challenge illustrates the transformative potential of AI and the value of SwiftMR™. If the goal is to see more patients without compromising on scan quality or investing in additional MRI machines, the answer is clear.

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