Review Article

Harnessing Artificial Intelligence in Radiology to Augment Population Health


AI applications can enhance imaging processes, reduce scan times, and improve image quality, thereby increasing efficiency. SwiftMR’s technology has the potential to significantly increase the annual revenue of each MR scanner by $900,000. This increase is achieved by enhancing scanner efficiency, allowing for more scans to be performed within the same timeframe, thus generating higher revenue.

Why this matters

Technologies like SwiftMR can increase MRI scanner revenue while reducing wait times and operational costs. By doubling the throughput of MRI scanners, SwiftMR not only improves patient access to imaging services but also boosts the financial performance of healthcare providers.

Explore the full study for a deeper understanding of SwiftMR’s impact on MRI revenue and operational efficiency.

Sim, J. Z. T., Prakash, K. N. B., Huang, W. M., & Tan, C. H. (2023). Harnessing artificial intelligence in radiology to augment population health. Frontiers in Medical Technology, 5.