AIRS Medical Wins 2023 Technology Innovation Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan for AI-Powered MRI Solution

San Antonio, TX March 2, 2023 – Frost & Sullivan has awarded AIRS Medical the 2023 North American Technology Innovation Leadership Award for its groundbreaking AI-driven magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) reconstruction technology. This recognition underscores AIRS Medical’s significant advancements in diagnostic imaging.

Revolutionizing MRI with SwiftMR™

AIRS Medical’s SwiftMR™ technology utilizes deep learning to enhance conventional MRI methods, such as parallel imaging and compressed sensing. This innovative approach allows SwiftMR™ to denoise and sharpen MRI images, resulting in superior image quality and improved radiologist interpretation.

Key benefits of SwiftMR™ include:

  • High-Quality Image Reconstruction: SwiftMR™ can transform low-quality images, even from shorter scan times, into high-quality ones.
  • Reduced Scan Time: The technology cuts the MRI scanning process by up to 50%, from 30 minutes to just 15 minutes, reducing patient anxiety and discomfort.
  • Seamless Integration: SwiftMR™ fits effortlessly into existing clinical workflows, enhancing radiographer productivity without requiring procedural changes.
  • Fewer Repeat Scans: By reducing the required stillness time for patients, the need for repeat scans is minimized.

Ashish Kaul, an industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan, praised SwiftMR™, stating, “SwiftMR™ is FDA-approved and significantly enhances MR image quality under various conditions. AIRS Medical collaborates closely with customers, providing comprehensive support to address healthcare inefficiencies with data-driven solutions.”

Expanding Applications and Market Reach

Originally designed for brain scans in large hospitals, AIRS Medical has expanded SwiftMR™’s applications through rigorous research and market analysis. The technology now supports a wide range of scans, including the brain, spine, musculoskeletal system, pelvis, prostate, rectum, and bladder, benefiting smaller private clinics and imaging centers.

Driving Efficiency and Revenue

SwiftMR™ not only improves MRI reading efficiency and accuracy but also reduces backlogs. This innovation could potentially boost the annual revenue of each MRI scanner by $900,000, a significant enhancement over industry norms. Additionally, SwiftMR™ offers a 40% reduction in average scan time and a 30% increase in scan productivity.

Azza Fazar, a best practices research analyst at Frost & Sullivan, highlighted AIRS Medical’s achievements, stating, “AIRS Medical stands out for its commitment to innovation and commercial success. Their impressive growth and technological leadership have earned them the trust and loyalty of clients, capturing a significant market share.”

About the Technology Innovation Leadership Award

Frost & Sullivan presents the Technology Innovation Leadership Award annually to companies that demonstrate exceptional development and application of new technologies, delivering substantial customer value. The Best Practices awards recognize outstanding achievements in various markets, celebrating excellence in leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. Frost & Sullivan’s industry analysts conduct comprehensive interviews, analyses, and extensive secondary research to identify best practices and assess market performance.

For more information on AIRS Medical and SwiftMR™, visit AIRS Medical’s website.


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