Terms and conditions

Article 1 Purpose

The purpose of these Terms of Use is to set forth any and all matters regarding the terms and conditions of use and operation of services on “AIRS Medical” (“Website”).

Article 2 Definitions The major terms used herein shall have the following meanings.

  1. Members: users who have registered with the Website by agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Website and providing their personal information and who have executed the user agreement with the Website and use the Website.
  2. User Agreement: the agreement entered into by and between the Website and a Member with regard to the use of the Website.
  3. Member’s ID: a ‘e-mail address’ entered by member is used as Member’s ID, which is granted to each Member for the identification of the Member and the use of services by the Member.
  4. Password: a combination of characters and numbers, which is selected by a Member to verify that the ID is granted to the same Member and to protect the rights and interests of the Member.
  5. Operator: the person/entity that has opened and operated a website that provides services.
  6. Termination: the Members terminate the user agreement.

Article 3 Applicable Rules Other than Standard Terms of Use

The Operator may separately announce and provide guidance on operational policies, if necessary. If these Terms of Use and operational policies overlap, then the operational policies shall prevail.

Article 4 Execution of User Agreement

  1. The user agreement shall be constituted when a person who wishes to use the Website agrees to these Terms of Use and then the Operator accepts the application for membership made by such a person.
  2. Any person who wishes to use services as a Member shall indicate his/her intention to agree to these Terms of Use by reading these Terms of Use when applying for membership and clicking “I agree” in the below.

Article 5 Application for the Use of Services

  1. Any user who wishes to use the Website as a Member shall provide any and all information, such as User ID, Password, and nickname, which is requested by the Website.
  2. A Member who has not registered his/her genuine information by stealing another person’s information or registering false information may not claim any right to the use of the Website and may be subject to punishment under relevant statutes.

Article 6 Guideline on Personal Information Processing

The Operator shall make efforts to protect the Members’ personal information, including the Members’ registered information, in accordance with relevant statutes.
The Members’ personal information shall be protected in accordance with relevant statutes and the Guideline on Personal Information Processing that is established by the Website.
However, the Operator shall have no liability for the information leaked due to a reason attributable to a Member.

Article 7 Operators’ Obligations

  1. The Operator shall deal with any opinions offered or complaints raised by the Members as soon as possible if such opinions or complaints are deemed just. However, if the Operator finds it difficult to deal with such opinions or complaints swiftly due to its personal reasons, then it shall do its best by making a post announcement or sending the Members messages or e-mails.
  2. If there is any breakdown in equipment or any equipment is lost, then the Operator may request the Website to repair or restore such equipment without any delay for the continuous and stable provision (or operation) of the Website. However, in case of natural disasters or unavoidable reasons on the part of the Website or the Operator, the operation of the Website may be suspended temporarily.

Article 8 Members’ Obligations

  1. The Members shall comply with the matters stipulated in these Terms of Use, all regulations established by the Operator, matters including notices and operational policies to which users are notified via the Website, and relevant statutes. The Members shall not commit acts to disrupt other businesses of the Website or to tarnish the reputation of the Website.
  2. The Members may neither assign, give away, nor provide as security the right to use services and their contractual status under the user agreement, unless the Website gives its the express consent.
  3. Customers shall take considerable care in managing their IDs and Passwords and may not allow any third party to use their IDs without the consent of the Operator or the Website.
  4. The Members shall not infringe on the intellectual property rights of the Operator, the Website, and any third party.

Article 9 Service Use Hours

  1. In principle, services shall be available for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year unless there is any special operational or technological delay. However, the Website may temporarily suspend services on the date(s) or hour(s) designated by the Website for system checkups, extensions, and replacements. As the temporary suspension of services due to scheduled work is announced on the homepage of the Website in advance, users are recommended to visit and read the homepage frequently.
  2. The Website may temporarily or permanently suspend services without any prior announcement or notice in the following cases. 
    • If there is any urgent system checkup, extension, replacement, breakdown, or malfunction
    • If there is any force majeure event, such as national emergencies, blackouts, or natural disasters 
    • If common carriers as stipulated in the Telecommunications Business Act suspend telecommunication services 
    • If there is any delay in the use of normal services due to overload of traffic during the use of services
  3. In case of the suspension of services under Paragraph 2 above, the Website shall notify the Members of such suspension via prior notice. However, if the Website finds it impossible to make a prior notice of the service suspension caused by an uncontrollable cause, then a later notice or announcement shall be made in lieu of such a prior notice.

Article 10 Termination of Use of Services

  1. If a member wants to cancel the contract of use with the site, he must proceed through the ‘Delete Account’ menu on the website. However, withdrawal from the website does not mean the termination of the contract for using products and services between AIRS Medical and the customer. Therefore, if you want to terminate the contract for using products and services, you must request separately to AIRS Medical.
  2. After application of termination, all member data will be destroyed immediately, except in cases where AIRS Medical retains member information in accordance with relevant laws and privacy policy.

Article 11 Limitations on Use of Services

The Members shall not conduct any act that falls under any of the following. If the Members are found to have committed any such act, the Website may place restrictions on the use of services by the Members, take legal measures, terminate the user agreement, or suspend services for a specified period of time.

  1. Registering false information upon signing up for membership or changing information so that it is false after signing up for membership
  2. Hindering others from using the Website or stealing others’ information
  3. Impersonating the management, staff, or related personnel of the Website
  4. Infringing on the moral rights or intellectual property rights of the Website or any other third party or disrupting their businesses or operations
  5. Fraudulently using another Member’s ID
  6. Collecting, storing, and disclosing another Member’s personal information without its consent
  7. Committing any act that is objectively believed to be related to crimes
  8. Violating other relevant statutes

Article 12 Management of Postings

  1. The Operator shall be responsible for the management and operation of postings and materials of the Website. The Operator shall always monitor postings and materials.
  2. If the Website and the Operator are requested by any third party to suspend putting up postings due to reasons such as defamation or infringement of rights, including intellectual property rights, then they may temporarily do so. In addition, if the Website is informed of any lawsuit, settlement between any person/entity requesting the suspension of putting up postings and any person/entity registering such postings, or any decision of a relevant institution similar to the foregoing, then it shall comply with such settlement or decision.

Article 13 Custody of Postings

If the Operator suspends the operation of the Website due to unavoidable circumstances, then it shall make a prior announcement and make efforts to take all measures to ensure that all postings are easily transferred.

Article 14 Damages

  1. The Members shall primarily bear all civil and criminal liability that arises within the Website.
  2. If a Member suffers from any damage caused by force majeure events, such as natural disasters or its willful misconduct or negligence, then the Website may offer no compensation for damages.

Article 15 Indemnification

  1. If Members do not earn any profit from the rendering of services at the Website or if there arises any damage from the optional selection of service materials or use of services, then the Operator shall be relieved from any liability arising from the foregoing.
  2. The Operator shall be relieved from liability caused by any disruption in services at the Website or in telecommunication services offered by other carriers. These Terms of Use shall apply mutatis mutandis to the damage caused in connection with the service base at the Website.
  3. The Operator shall not be liable for materials stored, posted, or transmitted by the Members.
  4. The Operator shall not be liable for any disruption in the use of services due to a reason attributable to the Members.
  5. The Operator shall not be liable for any damage suffered by the Members if such damage is caused by disruptions in systems that can occur without its willful misconduct or gross negligence. In this case, such misconduct can be considered similar to misconduct in the course of managing, checking, repairing, and replacing equipment, such as servers or operating software. The Operator is also not liable for any damage suffered by the Members if it is caused by any third party’s attack, the distribution of computer viruses for which any anti-virus/vaccines have not been developed by domestic or foreign prestigious research institutions or security-related companies, or force majeure events that cannot be otherwise controlled the Operator.
Addendum These Terms of Use shall take effect on April 22nd, 2022.