Last piece of the MRI workflow puzzle

About SwiftFocusMR

Long scan times have always been one of the biggest problems with MRI. SwiftFocusMR, the first solution developed by AIRS Medical, is an MRI acceleration software.

The Ultimate Solution

With SwiftFocusMR, MRI scan times can be cut in half, leading to higher scan productivity, less motion artifacts, better image quality, and improved patient experience.


Brain Comparison


Prostate Comparison

How SwiftFocusMR Works

Classic parallel imaging algorithms are robust and widely used, but their acceleration power is limited. Compressed sensing algorithms allow more acceleration, but are still limited in their acceleration capacity. Deep learning can break through these limits, but may suffer from interpretability and generalizability issues.

AIRS Medical combines the strengths of all three approaches to ensure that the final reconstruction results are accurate and clinically robust.

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