Reduce one-quarter of the MRI scanning time by using AI

Ko Jin-Gyu who is attending the master degree in the Department of Electrical Computer Engineering at Seoul National University.

The goal is to finish diagnosis within one minute as there is no distortion of the image with the use of parts of the data.

A startup company founded by graduate students at Seoul National University is planning to commercialize a technology which reduces the duration time of MRI scans up to a quarter, which is used for diagnosing patients

According to Seoul National University on October 8, ‘AIRS medical’ founded by a graduate student of the Department of Electrical Computer Engineering at Seoul National University, has developed a technology that reduces MRI scanning time by applying artificial intelligence technology. AIRS Medical explained that there is no deterioration in image quality with time reduction.

MRI scanning is a technique that acquires internal information (information inside the human body) by imaging data by sending electromagnetic waves while patients enter a device through which a magnetic field passes.

SNU and the company explained the latest technology developed by Air Medical is to obtain some data, not all, during MRI scans, and fill in the rest with artificial intelligence to reduce scanning time. Previously, reducing the scanning time caused serious distortions in the images, but with the new technology, even if the scanning time was shortened to one-half or one-fourth, almost no distortion occurred.

When the technology is commercialized, MRI Scan time is expected to reduce from 35 to 40 minutes to around 10 minutes. Seoul National University predicted “Considering that the patients need to remain motionless for 35 to 40 minutes within a closed space, the new techniques will greatly eliminate patient’s discomfort.

Ko Jin-Gyu, a graduate student of the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering said “The first goal is to cut the existing scanning time by one-half and trying to cut the existing scanning time by one-quarter later to provide the service. Also, he said “More people can diagnose when a product with new technology produced at the same time (comparing now and after the program produced). It can decrease the cost of diagnosis on the part of the medical community.” Also, he says “patients can use MRIs at a faster and lower cost.”

The medical industry also welcoming new techniques.

Recently, the Ministry of Health and Welfare announced that it will apply health insurance to MRI tests by expanding health insurance support. It expected to worsen the profitability of the hospital (medical community burdened more than before). However, using the artificial intelligence technology developed by AIRS Medical can increase the rotation rate by shortened scanning time which allowing more patients to use MRI. It can reduce inconvenience for patients and at the same time, it can reduce the burden of the medical community.

Jang Jin-hee, a professor of radiology at Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital says, “The hospital will also be able to maintain reliable test quality and respond flexibly to the new system.”

CEO Ko said, “We will push for a ‘one-minute health diagnosis’ service that can complete diagnosis in just one minute through the development of technologies in the future.” Products that will be applied with AIRS Medical technology will be operated on a trial basis at Seoul National University Hospital next year. And the marketing will begin at the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) in Montreal, Canada next year.

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