AIRS Medical, attracted investments from Spring Camp

Medical Artificial Intelligence startup company AIRS Medical (CEO Ko Jin-gyu) has attracted Series investments from Naver-affiliated venture capital Spring Camp.

AIRS Medical is a company founded at the Seoul National University Bio-Medical Image Science Lab, has developed a technology that reduces MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanning time to less than one-fourth without compromising image quality. Complementary application of artificial intelligence to the existing mathematical modeling-based image reconstruction technique enables real time-high speed image reconstruction. While existing solution causes serious distortion of images when they are accelerated by four or eight times by shortening the scanning time, the solution provided by AIRS Medical reconstructed images of the same quality as the original images without distortion even by accelerating by eight times.

MRI is an essential tool for diagnosing patients, but it is very uncomfortable for patients due to long scanning times. The patient must remain motionless in a closed space for a period of 30 to 45 minutes and may be required to retake the patient if movement occurs. Besides, patients are uncomfortable with having to wait two to three weeks for MRI scans because the scanning time is long (operating at a limited rate) compared to the number of patients who require an MRI scan. It is expected that applying AIRS Medical’s technology will drastically reduce the inconvenience of scanning time problems.

According to AIRS Medical CEO Ko Jin-gyu’s word, “The current technology can reduce MRI scan time by 10 minutes, but we will further develop a technology that completes diagnosing diseases and medical checkups with one minute of scanning.” The products which applied AIRS Medical technology will undergo a trial service at Seoul National University Hospital from the end of this year and begin marketing at the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine(ISMRM) in Montreal Canada, next year.

Nam Hong-gyu vice president of Spring Camp told “AIRS Medical will innovate the Medical Artificial Intelligence sector based on outstanding manpower with expertise and excellent techniques.”

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